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Making a coach's life simpler

Manage all of your coaching, follow good practice and track accreditation in a single place.

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Helping coaches, companies & enterprises manage coaching


For busy coaches that maintain records of coaching across multiple platforms

Coaching Companies

For companies wanting to scale their provision and use data to report back to clients


For enterprises that want to offer coaching to more staff in a sustainable way

For Coaches

Stay organised

Central place to manage & review all coaching wherever your sessions take place.

Automate routine work

Let us do the work you hate. Don't waste time on manual tasks and focus on delivering. Automatic session reminders are sent to you and your coachees.

Inbuilt accreditation and follow good practice

Visualise your accreditation journey on Hoolr. Never forget your coaching notes again with our in-built guided good practice guide.

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For Coaching Companies

View all coaching activity

A realtime view of all coaching going on in your organisation down to the detail of session numbers.

Scale your business

Host up to date coaching profiles on Hoolr and invite new coaches to join.

Bring more value to clients with reports

Give your clients better data on coaching contracts with reports on progress, impact and key themes.

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For Enterprise

Make coaching available

Manage the matching process of coaches with coachees in a single place.

Bring together coaching data

Have a complete overview of your coaching landscape by adding internal coaches and external suppliers to Hoolr.

Demonstrate the impact of coaching

Generate digestible reports on the impact of coaching in your organisation.

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Beautifully designed so you can focus on helping people

Our simple to use interface means that you can focus on delivering coaching while Hoolr handles the rest.

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Make your coaching life simpler with Hoolr

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