Hoolr Honour Code

Hoolr’s Honour Code 👨‍🎓👩‍🏫👩‍🎓

The Honor Code is a Hoolr’s policy promoting academic integrity. It articulates our expectations of coachees and coaches in establishing and maintaining the highest standards in academic work.

Hoolr’s Honor Code

Hoolr does not condone and will not be involved in facilitating academic dishonesty, such as knowingly assisting coachees to cheat, commit fraud, or obtain grades or degrees they have not earned. This includes:

  • Cheating: Requesting or providing unauthorized outside help on an academic assignment
  • Impersonation: Assuming a coachee’s identity for any purpose
  • Plagiarism: Using the work of another person without proper attribution

Coaches shall not take tests nor complete any graded assignments for coachees. Coaches must not knowingly help a coachee cheat, plagiarise, or engage in any action that violates the academic honour code of the class or the school. If there is any evidence to support that a coach has knowingly facilitated cheating then the coach will be removed immediately from the site.

We encourage coaching, helping coachees understand concepts and developing effective problem-solving approaches. Good coaching means providing educational value to a coachee. It is built upon helping coachees understand concepts and developing effective problem-solving approaches. A good coach should never just give out answers without explanations, but instead aid the coachee to get there themselves.

To Coachees

The Hoolr team fully understands the pressures and time constraints school creates. However, the risk coachees take by violating their school's code of academic integrity is not worth the reward. Hoolr does not support copying solutions or requesting unexplained final answers.

To Coaches

At Hoolr Coaching, we give you great responsibility and place trust in you representing yourself as an education professional to coachees and parents using our service. As current coaches yourselves, we trust that you understand the principles of academic integrity, but would like to remind you that you're required to uphold the following practices:

  1. Convey that coaching is not a replacement for coachees attending class or doing their homework. The coach's role is to help coachees understand concepts and develop effective problem-solving approaches.
  2. Using only your work and not copying the work of others. This is considered plagiarism. Furthermore, you will also agree to not fabricate material and properly attribute your sources.
  3. Provide honest time estimates how long a session will take.

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